About Us

Our Founder was planning to travel, buy a small fishing boat and retire, but early one Sunday morning, April 22, 2018 to be exact, he sensed the Lord prompting him to promote Christian music and concert events in San Luis Obispo County.

That's how Unshakable Music Foundation began. 

(More to come)


Q: Are you a church?
A: No, we are a Christian ministry, but not a church. We do not conduct regular services, but we do have a strategy to reach the ‘unsaved’ and strengthen believers by spreading the Gospel through music to turn hearts toward God.

Q: Are you anti-church?
A: Absolutely not. Most of us who are involved with Unshakable Music attend and serve local churches regularly. Part of our plan is to connect new believers into a local church that will help them to learn and grow in the Lord.


Q: What do you do with the money that is donated?
A: Like every business or organization, there are operating expenses, however ours are minimal - only website costs, printed materials, bookkeeping, etc. For the most part, Unshakable Music's staff is volunteer, so most of our fundraising goes toward the costs of our next event with the intention of honoring our mission. Also, it’s our policy not to spend money before it's been raised, so we will never pay interest on a loan. 

Q: Do your musicians get paid? 

A: Yes, although many of our musicians, technicians, and staff work and perform as an offering. Our foundation pays those who support themselves with their musical talents.

Q: When & where do Unshakable Music events take place? 

A: California Central Coast, primarily San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara Counties. Stay connected by subscribing to our email newsletter below for future updates and announcements.

Q: How can I be involved? 

A: Our "Join Us" page will tell you everything. 

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