Upcoming 2021 Live Concerts 


The Chris Keith Band


Friday, November 5, 6:30pm - Calvary Chapel, Nipomo (Thompson & Tefft)

The Chris Keith Band


This suspicious and unsuspecting group of characters came together by chance (as if God would make a mistake) when Steve and Frank were looking to bring in a needed keyboard player into their worship band gig at a church they were serving. Frank suggested Tony, who they had both previously played with. Tony had been playing with Chris Keith for years, but they were in need of a rhythm section. When the five of them finally came together for the first time, it was like Michael Jackson finally finding his missing glove… that’s probably a bad analogy, but I think you get it. The extraordinary thing about them, is that they are not only bandmates, but they have also become close friends - something that doesn’t happen frequently in the music business. Together they are The Chris Keith Band, and their “soul purpose” is to give glory to God, and draw people to know Him.

Chris Keith is a Christian recording artist and a grateful worship leader, as well as an accomplished guitarist, mandolin player, singer/songwriter. He’s recorded in Nashville for the last 20-years and has 4-Nashville produced Albums. His beautiful wife, Shelene thinks he’s pretty hot.

Tony Vasquez expertly plays multiple keyboards and is rumored to have two extra hands that no one has ever seen. His many years of music and tech experience have gotten him into a number of high profile gigs, including two world tour with the band, “YES”.  His witty nature sometimes takes hours or even days to fully appreciate.  


Jesse Keith (Chris’ son) is an upcoming songwriter, guitarist, and singer who has a gift for harmony and silliness. Jesse is beyond his years in talent and experience, and is also known for allowing his cat to push him around by sleeping in his guitar case without incident.  


Frank Paredes, a veteran bass player/guitarist/singer/songwriter has laid down a serious groove in many bands, including Doug Sahm and Freddy Fender. Frank also has a reputation for causing people to laugh inappropriately. No one has ever complained.


Steve Hilstein is a versatile drummer who has been playing in bands since he was 10 years old, but still thinks he needs to practice. Steve was privileged to have been a house drummer in Nashville backing many well known artists. He’s known for laughing at his own jokes.